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Dancerway - Privacy Policy

This page is used to inform app users regarding our policies with the collection, use and disclosure of personal information for anyone who decides to use our app.

Information collection and use

With the first login (in case of Facebook login) to the app, or with the registration (in case of email login) the user acknowledges and agrees that the following personal data will be stored outside the device running the app, in a central database:

Comsoft Bt. as the developer and operator of the central database uses the name and photo (is exists) only to make users within the application identifiable for each other. Facebook identifier and email address are used only for automatic login during using the application until the user selects Logout. All data of a user mentioned above will be deleted from the central database of the application if the user becomes inactive (no dancetype belongs to the user any more), or if the user asks to be deleted in any other way.

Permission details

We only ask for permissions in order for our app to function properly.



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